Academic Publications and Current Research

Boniwell, I., Osin, N. E., & Martinez, C. (2016). Teaching Happiness at School: Non-randomised controlled mixed-methods feasibility study on the effectiveness of Personal Well-Being Lessons. The Journal of Happiness studies.

Participant application for PhD research

My current research is specifically to do with Family Structures. I am particularly interested in families that have divorced and where one parent has custody of the child/ren and the ‘absent’ parent has lost touch with one or more of their biological children. If this applies to you and you wish to be part of my research then please fill in the following form.


I will want to carry out an interview with you which should take no more than 1.5 hours. This interview will be recorded for me to transcribe and go through in detail. I would like to return to check that I have understood everything in this first interview and will be happy to give you a copy of the transcript.

I may ask you for a second interview once I have had time to review the initial transcript.

In some, more complex cases, I may ask you to provide additional paperwork that might have been generated from the divorce and access to children but this is entirely for you to decide if you wish to do so.

At any stage during an interview, if you do not wish to proceed, the interview will stop and I will not ask you for the reasons for stopping.

The PhD requires that I follow strict ethical guidelines and participants are able to make complaints to the university if they feel that the interview has overstepped the mark.