Counselling and Coaching

Counselling and coaching is about identifying and working constructively towards your goals and aspirations.

It is about us working collaboratively to eliminate the blocks that inhibit and work against you; connecting insight to action will enable you to relish your work life and your personal life experiences.

This collaborative relationship, based on positive psychology, is here to support you in a safe environment and to explore your skills, aspirations, motivators and self-imposed barriers.

Counselling and oaching should be a positive experience that can bring about fundamental change and allow you to find that inner sense of fulfillment.


What To Expect

The number of sessions will be determined by our work together. Some issues may be resolved in up to 6 sessions while some people wish to continue for a much longer period. You will decide on the frequency and number of sessions to attend.

The sessions are your own time and space and you bring to the sessions the issues that you feel need resolving.

Sessions last 50 minutes and you are required to arrive punctually as the slot is very much time limited.

The goal will be to enhance your well-being and for you to journey towards greater personal growth.