Relationship Coaching


There are a range of relationship types, from romantic and social through to professional, work based interactions.

How we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves within a range of relationship situations is something that seems easy and obvious to do but which can be improved on without compromising our integrity.

By deconstructing how we interact with people we can reprogram habits that work against us. Our past has a strong influence on our daily interactions and causes us to respond to events and people in very specific ways.

Once personal insight is developed it is often the case that interactions in the workplace, social situations and romantic relationships can take on a new, more meaningful life.

If you have feelings of anger, frustration, envy, irritation or feel stressed, these are all ‘healthy’ indicators that something is not working correctly for you. Using these indicators we can develop new ways of living that will be both beneficial to us, but also to the people we interact with.

Working together we will achieve:

  • An understanding of patterns of relationships – in the work place, at home and in social situations.
  • The strategies for dealing with emotionally charged situations such as divorce and access to children or work place tensions.
  • An understanding of how past experiences and present problems might interfere with fulfilling romantic, social or work place relationships and interactions.